Vinyl Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps

Choose from hundreds of colors and textures to change or renew the color of your entire vehicle. Whether it be a subtle change of color or you want to defy the standards of color with a ‘Supreme color change film’ we can assist you with whatever you choose.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wraps – Make your vehicle stand out amongst the rest by wrapping either the roof, trunk, hood, or even create your own custom design we are able to bring to life with our ‘Avery Knifeless cutting tape.’


Interior trim wraps where vehicle will allow are always an option and ensure you that ‘clean’ new look for your vehicle (where vehicle will allow).

Black Out Kit

Change the exterior trim of your vehicle from either chrome to blend in or stand out with the existing color of your vehicle! we can even black out most bumpers and grills.



Professional window tint installations using high-quality window films like LLUMAR and MAXPRO.

We offer Carbon, Hybrid, and Ceramic films all backed by our lifetime Warranty film

That way you know you are not only getting the best film for any budget but also given a tint that is covered against any imperfections or defects. Not only do we offer vehicle window film applications but we also handle commercial and home applications as well.

Paint Protection Film

Certified Clear Bra, STEK and LEGEND installers

There’s nothing quite like getting a new paint job or wrap on your car, the flawless exterior, that new-like feel; it all makes it worth the money spent. However, if you live in a city like Salt lake that gets abundant rainfall, strong winds, snowstorms, you’ll need some paint protection to make sure your cars paint will not corrode or get damaged by the daily drive..

Rain or shine, your car will always look fine

Clear Bra and STEK is one of the most trusted names in vehicle paint protection shields. It is the investment that will keep your car shining like new for years and years at a stretch. Here’s your chance to bid farewell to exterior coating damage due to harsh weather and bird droppings.
Get the best team in the business to protect your car today!

Ceramic Pro

Book now to save big bucks Get the leading team in car detailing to protect your vehicle today. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.



We offer one of the best powder coating options in the industry at a affordable cost,
Any Color you can think of and at a quick turnaround time.

Center caps not metal, No Problem we have the ability to offer a color match to your wheels.

Have something else that’s not wheels that you need powder coated? Not a problem, our ovens are large enough to do some of your biggest projects

Detailing Service


1 Day Wrap Labs Detailing Department is second to none when it comes to making your investment shine and maintaining that shine. We are trusted by your local car Museum’s finest because we are one of the few that truly understands how to apply products to today’s finicky paints and wraps. Our pricing is very competitive so don’t be scared to reach out if you don’t have a supercar or exotic.

Let Us Restore Gloss and Revive Your Car

Even brand new cars have imperfections and over the years improper maintenance and every day driving can really take a toll on your vehicle. The experts here at 1DWL are here to revitalize your paint and protect it for years to come.

With our paint corrections and ceramic coatings we can remove the imperfections and add a super hard layer of protection on top of your paint leaving you with a super glossy, and environmentally resistant finish that can be protected.

Our detailing services can help to reduce and even remove stains in your interior and revitalize components to a like-new finish and feel, making your daily commute or weekend drives a much more enjoyable experience. We even offer maintenance packages to keep your vehicle properly cleaned and maintained for the long run.

Fleet Accounts


If you have a fleet of vehicles, please reach out for our special pricing – we will not be beat for the level of pricing, turn time & craftsmanship.

We understand the business person’s needs, and we understand the importance of getting your car back and keep you rolling down the road, NOT in the shop, where it is costing you production dollars.
We have on site specialists to assist in designing your image for your fleet.

Maximize and cash in with your time on the Traffic laden Salt Lake Commute grind to a Marketing Opportunity.

Advanced Cleaning and Media Blasting

Our 5-step zirconium wash station is the only one of its kind in Utah, offering the greenest cleaning and adhesion pre-treatment available. Our capabilities include abrasive and soda media blasting. Our thorough metal preparation is the first thing that sets our work apart from the competition, ensuring a better appearing, longer lasting ceramic or powder coating finish on every project.